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100% made in the USA nutritional products.

Cascadia Nutrition's whole oil, nutritionally sound infant formula was developed to meet all of the nutritional requirements of your baby.

Our formulas contain all of the vitamins and minerals babies need to grow and thrive, including DHA and ARA fatty acids. They also include galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS), among the most clinically studied prebiotics for infant formula, which may contribute to intestinal microflora development.

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Virtually all formula on the market is manufactured using the same conventional drying process, which uses high heat to convert oils from liquid to powder. Cascadia Nutrition is THE ONLY FORMULA that uses gentletouch manufacturing, a whole oil process that maintains an oil's vital nutritive components. Learn more about our full line of Whole, Purposeful, Nutritional Products.

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Infant Formula

Our USDA and FDA registered facility and our in depth experience navigating regulatory requirements for export markets positions us to provide a smooth, efficient, manufacturing process for your private label. Stock formulas and custom formulations available.  


Toddler Formula

Nutritious formulas for growing up. We manufacture supplemental nutritional powdered drinks for providing the right nutrients at the right time for growing toddlers and young children.


Adult formula

Custom formulation of targeted nutritional formulas for adults. We can formulate products for particular structure function claims such as those made for sport nutrition, elder care, prenatal, or meal replacement powders


a complete nutritional line for every step in life

Whole, Purposeful, Nutrition.

We know how highly you value nutrition, quality and safety when considering what to feed your little ones - because we do, too. Our infant formula utilizes a proprietary gentletouch process, and we've taken our commitment to innovation and nutrition to develop a line of infant formula and custom formulation nutritional products.Our whole oil infant formula and custom formulation nutritional products are available around the world (including in China) and provide only the best, highest-quality products for your family.


Whole, Purposeful, Nutrition.

Proper nutrition is the foundation for living your best life. that’s why we develop science-based nutrition for people of all ages. From helping babies and children grow, to keeping adult bodies strong and active. We strive to keep you and your family at your healthiest. We believe with good nutrition, every step can be a healthy one.


Nourish Their Potential

Giving your child the best possible future starts with giving them the best possible care. By providing advanced nutrition and improving nutritional standards around the world, we’re helping parents nurture their child’s potential now to help maximize their health for a lifetime. Parents can trust our products to give their children the essential nutrients they need for a healthy growth and development.


Anything is Possible.

With proper nutrition you can enjoy an active, healthy life throughout your adult years. Our broad line of nutritional products helps people achieve their unique nutrition goals, whether that's rebuilding muscle and strength or recovering from illness. Our specialized medical nutritionals help all people get the nutrients they need.

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